Guaranteed youtube views

The main goal of cheating YouTube views is to increase the popularity of both a particular video and the channel as a whole. On the one hand, this directly affects the growth of organic reach, since the system sees that the video is popular, and will try to show it to even more users. On the other hand, the so-called «social proof»works. The Youtube media player window is designed in such a way that the user immediately sees a line with statistics, which indicates:
number of views;
number of likes and dislikes;
number of subscribers.
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Statistics form the primary opinion about the video. If the user sees that a huge audience has viewed the material before clicking the Play button, they are much more likely to spend time on it. Of course, the positioning of a particular video will depend not only on the coverage. Likes, the audience of subscribers, and even comments have a great influence on the perception of the material.

What else does the number of views affect?
1. cheating is Especially useful for those who are engaged in advertising, promotion and sale of any goods or services. The author of the video can easily persuade potential buyers in favor of a particular product, and the video is much more likely to be displayed in the «Recommended» section.

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